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CinnaBalm Tub 50mL

CinnaBalm Tub 50mL

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CinnaBalm. Natural bite balm. 50ml Tub.

CinnaBalm formula harnesses the natural power of essential oils to protect our skin outdoors and soothe insect bites.

  • Protects skin outdoors
  • Soothes existing bites
  • 100% natural formula, no nasties
  • Made in Australia

CinnaBalm is an all natural topical balm, formulated with essential oils Citronella, Eucalyptus and Pine to protect our skin outdoors.

CinnaBalm's power ingredients Cinnamon, Camphor and Menthol will help to reduce inflammation and stop the itch of existing bites with their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

We've got you covered.

Free standard shipping in AustraliaFully recyclable packaging.


Almond Oil, Beeswax, Eucalyptus Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Citronella Oil, Menthol, Pine Oil, Camphor Oil

How to use

Twist lid off. A cap will be protecting the balm. Remove the cap and recycle. Twist the base of the stick to expose the balm. Apply directly into skin.

Before: Apply a small amount of CinnaBalm on exposed areas of your skin. Rub in gently and evenly for best coverage.

After Bites: CinnaBalm soothes and helps promote healing on insect bites. Apply directly to bites as soon as possible and rub in gently. Stinging and itchiness should subside in 10-15 minutes.


Free standard shipping in Australia. $5 for express post.

AU $15 for international shipping.


CinnaBalm tubs, lids and labels are fully recyclable. When you're done rinse with hot water to remove any excess and pop in your recycling bin.


Cinnabalm harnesses the natural power of Cinnamon to soothe existing bites by promoting blood flow therefore tingling and redness is normal after application.

Do not apply to face or eyes. Do not apply to wounds, damaged or irritated skin. For external use only. Not suitable for infants 12 months or younger. Contains oil from tree nuts. Seek medical attention should adverse reaction occur.

If pregnant consult your doctor before using CinnaBalm.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Didn't work for sand flies

Nice natural product, but unfortunately didn't work for us in North Queensland for the Sandflies. Our 1 year old and I are still being annihilated ): I think it's helping with the mozzies, but hard to tell when you're already covered in bites despite using lots of this balm. Helps settle bites though, which is good.

Jeanette Mc Donald
Winning the war against mozzies!

Great smelling product,it really works!

katrina wilson
Awesome product, smells great very effective

Product is worth every dollar, smells great works on bites to relieve itch and as a preventative to avoid bites

Judith Williams
Very impressed!

I was bitten on my shoulder and as I started to scratch the bite I thought, "I wonder when my Cinnabalm will arrive". I couldn't believe it when my husband came up the stairs with a parcel from the letterbox containing the Cinnabalm. It was an amazing coincidence! I put the Cinnabalm on straight away and was amazed at how quickly the bite settled. This certainly is very impressive cream. As others have noted, it is a small tub but .... when something works this well IT'S WORTH IT!


Unfortunately this was not effective

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