Eaten Alive by Mozzies?

This 2-in-1 Balm is Turning Mozzie & Midge Infested Camping Holidays Into Bite-Free Fun

With the long winter behind us and the sun shining in its full glory, it’s time to dust off your outdoor gear and be amongst nature. Ah! There's nothing quite like the great outdoors. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that back in 2019 Aussies took a record 13.9 Million caravan and camping trips. 

But the thought of being outdoors comes with its own bucket of dilemmas and can be a rather traumatic event for some of us.

For Sarah, the annual holiday season camping trip in northern New South Wales used to end with itchy, swollen bites that left her miserable and scarred. Her sensitive skin turned each mosquito encounter into a painful ordeal. The relentless itch and the red welts seemed like an unavoidable curse.

Emma’s idea of spending time outdoors is tending to her sprawling garden in her Brisbane home. But with every hour spent among her flowers, she became a target for midges. The itchy bites are an unwanted distraction from her floral paradise.

As an avid hiker frequenting Alpine Victorian trails, Mike was always at odds with his principles. He loves the planet as much as he loves exploring it. But each spray of his DEET-based repellent was a compromise on his eco-values.

These stories play out across Australia in summer across every picnic, campground and hike.

Imagine a world where summer days and balmy nights are enjoyed in full, without the incessant itch from mozzie bites or the nagging buzz of midges.

This is the world of CinnaBalm, a balm that not only soothes the bites you've got but also helps keep the mozzies, sand flies and midges away.

But what sets CinnaBalm apart in a market flooded with insect repellents and skin soothers?

CinnaBalm is born from a story that resonates with anyone who's ever felt like a feast for mosquitos. It began with a holiday to Sri Lanka, where mosquito bites were not just a nuisance but a painful ordeal. There, the founder, Emily, discovered the potent properties of cinnamon oil, a local remedy for bite relief so effective it often worked within 30 minutes. Back home, the discovery turned into a passion, leading to extensive research and experimentation. The result? A balm that wasn't just effective but smelled amazing, was all-natural, and actually good for your skin​​.

But why cinnamon? Because it's not just an aromatic spice for your latte. It's a powerhouse with natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that boost blood flow and healing. Mixed with other essential oils and carrier ingredients like almond oil and beeswax, CinnaBalm creates a barrier that mosquitoes dislike while nourishing your skin with rich vitamins A and E​2​.

CinnaBalm's vision is as simple as it is profound: coexistence with nature without discomfort. It's not about waging war on our insect friends; it's about enjoying our time outdoors without becoming a meal or harming the environment. The mission? To create products that fit our lifestyle, protect us, and have minimal impact on both the insects and the world we share​.

It's not just about what's inside CinnaBalm; it's also about what's not. You won't find synthetic chemicals like DEET that irritate the skin and smell unpleasant. Instead, you'll find a blend of essential oils like eucalyptus to keep you happy outdoors, citronella to keep bugs at bay, and pine oil to mask human scents that attract insects. Camphor and menthol add a cooling effect that relieves the irritation and promotes healing. This transparent, simple formula is a testament to quality and care, all made in Australia​​.

So, when you choose CinnaBalm, you're not just choosing an insect repellent; you're choosing a guardian for your skin, a testament to natural healing, and a friend to the environment. It's a superior choice for those who value health, comfort, and the planet. With CinnaBalm, you're ready to reclaim the great outdoors.